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What we do

Our History

Oasis has been working in the USA since 2001.  During that time it has gone through many phases of change including youth work based in Pasedena, campaigning to fight the use of child-slavery in global chocolate production, and by considering trafficking issues specific to the U.S. This work involved advocacy for victims and the development of Traffick Free Communities (TFCs) – there continue to be 6 TFCs in California, Ohio, and Florida.

Our future

We will be building Community Hubs. We are starting to replicate models of hubs that exist within the Oasis family elsewhere around the world. Oasis Hubs are local ‘Christ-centered’ places of activity – neighborhoods – that provide integrated, high quality and diverse services to benefit the whole person and the whole community. Our Hubs combine the Oasis ethos, values, resources and expertise together with local partnerships. Building on existing strengths and assets, we aim to meet the needs of the local community together.

One example of a hub is in Waterloo, London – a city center neighborhood that faces significant challenges. We serve that community by offering a wide range of integrated services including elementary and high school education to over 750 children and young people, a foodbank, a debt advice center, a community church, a coffee shop, a city farm, a public library, youth work programs and a wide range of other activities.