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We believe that every person is important and that with

kindness and compassion we can help people to lift

themselves out of trapped, desperate situations and

into happier, brighter futures.

Oasis Finneytown Hub Camp

How can individual community members who want to impact their neighbourhoods,schools and businesses in a positive way initiate change?

By finding a need they are passionate about and working….

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‘Fight radicalization with radicalization’ says Steve Chalke

‘Fight radicalization with radicalization’ says Steve Chalke

Oasis Founder, Rev Steve Chalke has launched a new book ‘Radical’ to address the growing issue of radicalization amongst young people. According to Steve, who launched the book in the UK on February 12th, society needs to fundamentally rethink its approach to radicalization, counter-extremism and counter-terrorism. Chalke argues that strategies and initiatives to ‘prevent’ young people from being exposed to […]

Steve Chalke’s Podcast with Rob Bell

Steve Chalke’s Podcast with Rob Bell

During a recent visit to the United States, Oasis Founder Steve Chalke was interviewed by American Pastor Rob Bell for his popular weekly podcast, The Robcast. Rob and Steve’s in-depth discussion covers how Steve came to faith, his motivation to begin the charity Oasis, and some of the inspirational work that Oasis is doing across the UK.  Steve shares his vision for […]