Earlier this month the Senate finally passed the TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) as part of the Violence Against Women Act (S. 47).  Within 48 hours, we expect the House of Representatives to vote on S. 47. If passed, it would go to the President to be signed into law.

But before that vote, the House will consider a Substitute Amendment to S. 47—one that does NOT include the bipartisan TVPRA. If the Substitute fails to pass, then the House will move to a final vote on S. 47—the preferred version because it includes the TVPRA.

We urge you to contact your representative in the House of Representatives today and urge her or him to vote NO on the Substitute Amendment to S. 47 and YES on S.47. You can use the sample script below for your call.

“Hi, my name is  ----  and I’m calling from [CITY, STATE]. I care a lot about the issue of modern-day slavery in our country and internationally and have been concerned that the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was allowed to expire. The TVPRA expired in September 2011 and unless it is renewed, critical federal programs and the victims they support will be at risk.

I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to vote YES on S.47, the Senate-passed Violence Against Women Act becasue that bill includes that TVPRA.  I urge [him/her]  to vote NO on the Substitute Amendment to S. 47, that will be considered first, as this bill does not include the TVPRA.  

Will you pass my message on to the Congress[man/woman]? Thank you!”

If you need assistance contacting your state Congress person, you can find their contact information here.