"Whether artist or missionary, a seed is planted in each activist’s heart to utilize their God given talent to help others and to change the world: to draw attention to an issue; to make society look at how others are being mistreated; to show how we are all in need of unity, or to see how our unity is needed to get more done. And, nothing ripples over more generations than does the medium of film.

One of the best examples of this happening at AFF was the combined effort of Oasis USA, HOPE Christian Fellowship in San Gabriel, and a 23minute documentary from India. Supported by the global organization Oasis USA, Pastor Mike Gabelman was inspired by India’s efforts to rid us of human trafficking here in the San Gabriel Valley. Along with the spiritual director for Oasis USA, Mike spoke about the local issue following the film by U&I Productions, which premiered for the first time before a live audience in the United States at Arcángel on July 19th.