If you work with Oasis the jobs can be varied:-

Dave tells us that "Josh is currently helping put the manure on the crops at the Beersheba community, although he will soon be going to work on "The football" project. This project involves using material from Tackle Africa and teaches HIV/AIDS education through the medium of football. 

The material uses various football drills with teaching points attached and it's worked well with other football boys at Mbale. Josh will be adapting it slightly and running it over two weeks in a primary school where Oasis work, before moving onto another school, or continuing with a different group of boys. He'll also be doing it in a secondary school once a week."


Josh says:

"The day after I got into Entebbe (which was a Wednesday, by the way) we went to Beersheba (the name of the place where Oasis works in Mbale, named after 1 Kings 19 v1-8). I had my initiation and started meeting people. At this point I felt very overwhelmed due to all the changes. This, however, subsided as the day went on but questions still persisted. “Should I be here? Is this the right thing?” I just had to (and still have to) trust God that this is right, which I believe it is. That overwhelmed feeling is now gone, as has been gone since the second day, and I am adapting to life here. On Sunday we went to a long but good church service where I wore my Sunday’s Best, as keeping with the culture here, and then relaxed the rest of the day by watching some football. Work started for me on Monday but has been a relaxed schedule because the full work does not start till next week. Now is just the time for settling in and getting my bearings.”


What Is My Work? 

I’m so glad you asked. My work consists of:

  • Helping to teach Maths and English to students who have fallen behind.
  • Gardening

“People underestimate the benefit of good old manual labor. There's freedom in it.” -Morgan Freeman, Bruce Almighty.

  • Setting up and running a program that incorporated football with learning about HIV. We will be doing this program in several different schools. The program is called Tackle Africa.
  • Coaching football to the kids who come here on Saturdays.

And whenever I can,

  • Interviewing and conducting Case Studies with people who have been affected by Oasis’ work.
  • Helping the adults learn English in the Adult Literacy Program