Oasis’ Concern:  It is absolutely necessary to bring these girls out of the dangerous slums, and into mainstream society.  In 2005 we started the Duaripara Family Development Project to do just that.  The goal was to help the girls in, “developing their potential, pursuing their dreams and having the hope of a better future.”  Accomplishing these goals means providing education for the girls so they might have a secure job with fair wages, dignity and respect.   Secondly, we must work with the entire family to ensure that the girls are protected and kept safe, during their schooling. 

Project Activities:  The goals of the project expand beyond employment and safety.  Since the beginning, we have emphasized the holistic development of the girls, aiming to improve self-esteem, confidence, life skills and creativity.  Once a week, all 131 of the girls in the program attend a class on life skills.  Through these classes the girls will become well-rounded and strong individuals.  Teachers and volunteers from the UK teach the girls material from Stop The Traffik and other anti-human trafficking organizations.  We also focused on building their awareness of human trafficking and personal safety with role-play, crafts, and singing songs.  Our hope is that they pass on this information to other girls in the slums so that they too will understand the intentions and dangers of traffickers.  Through our work with children, parents and local leaders we are opening the eyes of the city to the dangers of human trafficking. 


  1. Girls are confident and have control over their lives.
  2. They show significant changes of manner, behaviour and attitude.
  3. The take part in their family’s decision making process.
  4. The have the courage to say no to a trafficker, which protects them collectively.
  5. The cquire leadership skills and taking part in peer education.
  6. The community maintains harmony and the city’s youth is educated.  
  7. Parents are educated about the consequences of trafficking and the importance of their girls’ safety.

Lesson Learnt:

  1. More awareness needs to be raised within the community to stop trafficking.
  2. We need to consider working on drug addiction issues.
  3. There should be a committee in the slum to work as gatekeeper.

Next Month’s Plan:

  1. Hold a Dhaka Anti Trafficking/Stop The Traffik network meeting
  2. Visit Rights Jessore, a leading NGO who works on Anti-Trafficking issues, to gather experience and learn the process of repatriation.
  3. Continue educating Duaripara girls.