The last few months have flown by, and I suspect we have all be impacted by many things. Perhaps the most fun has been Tamiko, Chris, & Chris getting used to the addition of their new baby as nearly four months has passed since he came into the world.

We look forward to hearing how they are going and also what has been happening amongst the various TFC’s over the last four months.

We are aware of some initiatives such as:

    The excellent event Hope Rising that Oasis & Copa Vida ran. We made many connections across multi-cultural lines and were able to raise some funding for our work

    We are also exploring three new TFC opportunities within Southern California

    Plus the Academy schools in Bristol UK are having a focus on American thanksgiving season, and we have provided them with materials that connect it into slavery and the USA TFC movement.  

    The TraffickFree Community in Pomona undertook a Set them Free fundraiser

  • TraffickStop in Colorado participated in the Justice Run

    And the folks in San Gabriel have bought the iEmpathize schools curriculum and were working towards getting it into the Pasadena High School 

It would be great if we got an update on other TFC highlights from the last couple of months?


Currently, there are a number of ongoing activities that may be helpful for your TFC such as:

    The Oasis Mozambique clean water campaign. We need just over $2500 to achieve the goal you can see more at Join us or advocate your friends and help us reach the goal

    We are also part of the C.A.R.E. LA18 initiative, and it would be great for TFCs to support this program. To find out more contact Melissa at


Plus we have several upcoming events that TFC’s can join in and support either through action or prayer:

        This weekend New City Church will have street action teams in DTLA. Some of those groups will be passing out information on Human Trafficking

        On Dec 6th Art activists from Eagle Rock and the Glendale area will be running a Silent Graffiti/Street Art Auction for Oasis in the Eagle Rock Hub. Come along and see some great art.

    The Oasis Christmas Campaign will be starting in Dec we would appreciate your support. More details to follow 

        On Jan 11th the L.A.Task Force has a Freedom walk planned. We will be helping by providing 3-5 people who would act as group leaders and  help guide a specific group of people around the walk route. Contact Melissa at for more details and if you would like to be a group leader. 

        On Jan 17th the LA, Archdiocese will have an ONE LIFE walk through downtown LA. Oasis is working with the coordinating group and will be one of the exhibitors highlighting the fight against Human Trafficking. It would be great if several TFCs were involved in the exhibit/tabling. Several thousand people are expected to take part. To know more contact Kevin at

        On Jan 31st Long Beach, Task Force holding a Youth Exploitation Safety Symposium (Y.E.S.S.) at which Oasis will be tabling. To know more contact Kevin at

       Late April! Mark your calendars as Steve Chalke the Founder of Oasis and minister at Oasis Church, Waterloo in London will visit several cities across the USA. One of which will be LA. More details to follow. 


Resources available:

        Two wings are looking for mentors to help their survivors. Training will be given contact Kevin at for more details

        Oasis has 11 Freedom bags at our office if you are aware of any immediate needs

        STT is running a chocolate campaign. See for more details. 

    If your TFC would like to undertake training for poster distribution around the SB1193 initiative Contact Melissa at

        Oasis USA uses a weekly spiritual reflection update that is sent out by our colleagues in South Africa. It helps us plug into God during our busy lives. Its called Rhythm of Life and if you would like to know more contact Kevin at 

       We would remind you that the Oasis Global Director, Andy Mathesons new book is out for sale. It's called We Not me which highlights the narrative of community and shows how the concept of community permeates the Old and New Testaments. 

    Lastly, please keep checking or like the various TFC Facebook pages for