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TFCs empower local communities to ensure there is no place for human trafficking in their areas.  They are advocates, but can also form a community of support around a trafficked victim.   They strive to change the culture of the city of which they are a part, seeking community engagement where individuals come together to create a caring environment for people who are trafficked. They are interested in prevention, support and reintegration.

Slavery was made illegal in the U.S. in 1865 but the U.S State Department estimates up to 17,500 people are trafficked into America for forced labor or sex work every year.  Men, women and children have been discovered working as slaves in massage businesses, restaurants, construction, agriculture, and in homes as domestic servants.  Products of slavery can also be found in the clothes we wear and the chocolate we eat.  TFCs helps you work toward ending slavery in your community.

TFCs were created to enable local communities to engage in an effective way in order to address issues of trafficking in their locality.  Trafficking is a global problem but has a local face that will only be effectively addressed as local communities take responsibility for responding to the specific issues in their local area.

Although TFCs are the brainchild of Oasis, the secret of their success is local ownership by people who represent different stakeholders within a given community.  We provide the impetus and expertise to help TFCs get going rather than control what happens.   Our approach is to empower a local working group to take ownership and responsibility.  At the same time it strongly encourages groups to remain connected to Oasis so that ideas can be shared with others and initiatives replicated.