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Tips to Protect Children & Youth

1) Protect them online.  “One in seven youths (age 10 to 17) experience a sexual solicitation or approach while online” (Online victimization of Youth: Five Years Later 2006). Here are some practical internet safety tips.

Make sure you know what is happening on social media as well.  Pimps are using facebook to recruit girls through private messages.  More here >>

2) Reach out to children and youth you know.  Pimps have been known to target children who are already isolated and hurting.  A little care and concern can prevent a lifetime of pain. If you are a youth consider reaching out to others at school. If you are an adult look into volunteering with a mentoring organization such as the Boys and Girls Club or a Church Youth Group.

3) Education.  Oasis prevents sex trafficking by educating youth before they are lured into the sex industry. You can invest in the protection of children by donating now.