A young boy on the street struggling to find food, a rag picker's child waking up at 2:30 am going from one garbage bin to the next picking up scrap to feed the drunken frenzy of his father, a young mother trying to eke out a living so her new born daughter could live a life unlike hers, the fear in the eyes of a young woman being rescued from the brothel and the hopes and aspirations of a woman who breaks free from the bondage of sex slavery or the dreams of a young man as he trains every morning on the football ground, wanting to do well for himself and do his family proud.

These are the collective desires of a few thousand lives- the wind beneath the wings of Oasis India. This helps us reach the highest heights or has taught us to go down to the lowest of lows. We've had acclaims and we've stood with those who have given up on life. The one factor that unites us as staff, whether it's Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai, is to see that those that we work with can live lives that they can be proud of. But it doesn't stop there- it's about those that fight and win life's toughest battles that leave more than just physical scars- they live to tell their story so that their life would inspire someone else to live!

This issue of Inclusion is dedicated to the resilient spirit of every member of staff with Oasis India!  May you be inspired to will and act so that your actions and behavior might impact those on the fringes of society today!

- Rebecca Swamickan