The Tanaka team have been conducting day and night outreaches over the past 4 months, helping children and families in innovative ways to leave the streets. Here is one story: 

Rumbi* is a former street child who opted for marriage to curb her vulnerability. Her first husband left her after they had a child; she then married another man and had four more children. Rumbi’s husband spent the capital she had saved to start up a business on alcohol, and later ran away from his family too. 

Rumbi went back onto the streets in the daytime, begging with her 5 children at Avondale Shopping Centre. They had to sleep on the streets if they had insufficient money to return home. The Tanaka team met the family one night, and helped Rumbi to complete a course on entrepreneurship, as well as giving her start-up capital for her small business of making candles. Tanaka initially paid school fees for Rumbi’s children, but she will take on this responsibility as her business grows. 

The Tanaka team is trying their best to make the family’s lives sustainable, by working with Rumbi to fully reintegrate her into her community, and counseling her in areas that have been affected by her life experience. We have seen remarkable positive changes for this family—they are now off the streets and the two oldest children are going to school. Rumbi is now able to pay her monthly bills and they are having time together as a family. 

* The name has been changed for safety