How to Start a TFC

Trafficking vulnerabilities are different in each community, each TFC will look different.  Contact Oasis USA, we have developed a detailed training packet to help you start a TFC which will be made available to you in the beginning of the process.  This section will give you an overview of the process needed to get started.

How to Get involved:

A basic step for developing a TFC in your area is to gauge interest among your community, friends and colleagues and bring together a small team of about 4 or 5 people that will push this initiative forward.  To do this you can run awareness seminars and events within the community, develop media attention, do simple surveys amongst the general public, or have a 'Slave-Free' chocolate fondue party.  An important role of TFCs is organizing, partnering and participating in local events.  We also encourage any TFC to search out and join other like-minded organizations in raising awareness within the community. A major part of all of these activities is that it gives your TFC a great chance to network and recruit! 

An Oasis USA advocate will be available to assist in any presentation or training and/or train those within your community to give the presentations themselves.

  • Use holidays such as Valentine's, Easter, Halloween and Christmas to celebrate and promote ‘traffick-free’ chocolate.
  • Host some film screenings of a film about Human Trafficking and have a discussion time afterwards.
  • Have a booth at community events to hand out information about Human Trafficking.
  • Look for other ways to partner with any of the 8 stakeholders that a TFC can focus on.

Once you have a core group, the next step is to brainstorm what specific area of human trafficking is a.) at the heart of the team and b.) important to your community.  This is when you have to do some research your  discover what the trafficking issues are and where the areas of vulnerability may be.  Again it can look different in each community but here are some ideas that other TFCs have done:

  • Developed mentoring groups for youth at risk of trafficking, present in all the local high schools.
  • Raised awareness about human trafficking through quarterly events
  • Lobbied City Government to improve city ordinances relating to massage parlors or labor trafficking.
  • Provide Freedom Bags to local law enforcement to be given to minor sex trafficking victims.
  • Undertaken or arranged training for the local law enforcement.
  • Displayed outreach posters through the city and advocate for local newspapers to stop escort ads. Lobby local and national hotels chains.
  • Developed opportunities for local business to obtain 'slave-free' products
  • Raised awareness about human trafficking within local churches in the city; assist them with prayer events related to human trafficking; provide opportunities for them to meet needs of victims


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