In Asia last month, one of our teams identified two boys that were being forced to beg by a woman (not related to them).  They were also forced to fetch her tea and food or other things as she desired.  The boys are approximately 6 and 10 years old.

When the team looked further into the situation, the woman controlling the boys said she “watches” the boys during the day while their alcoholic mother begs elsewhere.  The woman also said that the mother had said she was going to have the boys drink poison and then would drink poison as well, so that they all could die.

When the idea of putting the boys in a hostel where they could get a good education, the woman got enraged and refused even the idea.  The decision was made that the boys clearly needed to be removed from the situation, so we partnered with a local social group.  [This group works in the region and was better equipped for handling this particular situation, which is why we brought them in to help.]

At the end of September, the team was able to rescue the younger boy; however, the older boy was not around at the time.  Since that rescue, we have been trying to locate the other boy and after much work, many late nights, and a few early mornings, the team managed to locate the older boy.  We contacted the team again and they were able to successfully rescue the older boy yesterday, which is a huge praise.