Join in the Aruna 5K Run for Their Freedom. The proceeds of the race go to help fund the Aruna Project, whose primary purpose is to aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of those enslaved.

Located in one of the largest red light districts in all of Asia—a two square mile area that holds over 25,000 captive for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE), the staff of the project are well acquainted with the needs of the women and children. From sexual education to skill and trade development, from personal mentorship to a caring hand, the staff seek to establish ongoing relationships with those enslaved and work hard in the process of their “rescue” from the brothels.

For the sake of those in such dire need, join in a race or consider hosting your own. Together we can make a difference. Together we can bring hope to the hopeless. Together we can help to bring an end to the sex slave trade in this place—one life at a time

For more info on how you can be part of fighting human trafficking and partnering with Aruna, please visit their website.