Rita is a four-year-old girl who was recently rescued from a brothel in Mumbai. The owner of the brothel was planning to sell her into prostitution.

In a brothel in Mumbai lives a four-year-old girl named Rita.  With her mother dead and her father in prison, she had no choice but to stay with the brothel owner, whom she sees as a grandmother.  However, the bond is not mutual.  To the owner, Rita is simply an investment and she plans to soon sell her into prostitution, earning her a large amount of money (traffickers pay 10 times more for minors). 

When we heard about this, the Oasis India team sprung into action and headed out with the police to rescue Rita.  The operation was successful and Rita’s case was brought before the Child Welfare Committee who had her placed in a government protected home where she will be provided with food, healthcare and education.   A social worker from Oasis has been visiting her regularly and reports that she looks happier and healthier every day.

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