Our team members Scott and Shelton in South Africa are doing such good things in their community.

"Nobuhle is like our little sister. She is a part of our family. Having been hurt by many in her life, it took several months to break down barriers and rebuild trust in their place... and we're still on that journey together. Anyone who has experienced cross-cultural friendship knows that real honesty, vulnerability and mutual care and reciprocity is not always easy. I am deeply thankful to Nobuhle (which means "Beautiful" in Ndebele) who has taken a huge leap to trust herself and some of her deepest desires, dreams, questions, joys and concerns with me. And it has encouraged me to take the leap as well, trusting her with the weaknesses, questions, fears, and hopes I also hold deep within. Having deep loss and instability thrust upon her at an early age, she is not giving up or giving in. Words to describe her: courageous, poised, compassionate, ever-growing, moldable, tiny but strong :), intelligent and deeply caring.

It is a person like Nobuhle Kumalo that makes every struggle worth it. She reminds me that there are many things we all share and have in common, and that the clear differences between us won't get in the way of genuine friendship... the type of connection that sharpens and grows both people.

Please pray for beautiful and brilliant Buhle as she journeys through a time in her life rife with questions of future, discernment, who she is becoming, who she belongs to, and what God is inviting her into. Say "Thank You!" for her life and her real, sharpening friendship on our behalf. We love her and feel honored to know her and now be witnesses to and participants in her life.