Seema*grew up the youngest of her siblings in the small Indian village of Karnataka. Her family

was very poor and her father, an alcoholic, was unable to provide for them. The children were

expected to fend for themselves.

When a man from Bangalore came to their village offering Seema a job in the city, her father,

desperate for money, agreed to let him take her. She was only 13 at the time. The man brought

her to Kamatipura, a red light district in Mumbai, and sold her to a brothel for 20,000rs (just

over $300). The woman who owned the brothel forced her into prostitution and beat her


Seema was then sold to another brothel where she discovered she was pregnant.

She gave birth to a child, but it only survived for four days. When she found out she was

pregnant a second time Seema was forced to have an abortion. At some point during her time

in the brothels, she contracted HIV.

Seema was eventually able to escape life in the red light district, finding refuge at Oasis’

transitional care facility, Nirmal Bhavan.

When she first arrived the HIV virus had knocked her blood’s CD4 count to a dangerously-
low 64, but, with the medical care the centre was able to provide, it rose to 324 in only four


Seema’s health is still improving and she is making stunning progress in her education. She is

currently reading at an adult level and training to work as a tailor.

We can see God working in her life. She decided to follow Christ and has since been growing in

faith and finding fellowship in her church.

*Names have been changed for safety and privacy
 [ Article was submitted by Daniel, an Oasis USA intern in India. If you want to know more about 
Daniel's time in India, check out his blog: ]