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Abolitionists have been working to end slavery for hundreds of years.  Great progress has been made but we need you to help finish the job.  TraffickFree Communities (TFCs) facilitate collaboration between key stakeholders to ensure that slave labor and slave goods are not a part of our communities.

Engaged citizens form a TFC group to work with eight key community stakeholders to ensure:

  1. Schools:  are made aware of how to protect their students from being lured into sex trafficking, and are equipped to become advocates for freedom.
  2. Local Legislatures: are made aware of how strong ordinances can drive traffickers out of their cities.
  3. First Responders:  medical clinics and paramedics, and other members of the medical community have the information they need to spot a victim of trafficking and get them the help they need.
  4. The Media:  reports about the issue consistently and with sensitivity.
  5. Consumers: are made aware of the products that contain slave labor and are empowered to take action for freedom.
  6. Local Businesses:  such as laundromats and motels are informed about trafficking and how to report suspicious activity.
  7. Faith Communities:  become centers for prayer, advocacy and justice on behalf of the enslaved.
  8. Law Enforcement personnel:  are equipped with the information they need to identify trafficking victims and get them the help they need.