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Host an Event

Running a race, or doing some other creative fundraiser for Oasis?  You can also create your own fundraising event and web page at the Oasis Razoo site, and the money comes straight to us!  Check it out here.

We have 13 ways in which you can help us. You can: 

  • Donate to Oasis on #GivingTuesday either through Razoo or at http://oasisusa.org/give
  • Undertake 13 hours of sponsored Rock Band or another gaming event
  • Sponsor 13 hours of silence, prayer or fasting
  • Screen a film about human trafficking
  • Swim, bike, walk or run for 13 laps or miles
  • Skate, rollerblade, longboard, surf for 13 blocks and back
  • Bake and sell Freedom Cookies and/or Fair-Trade brownies
  • Wash 13 Cars in a timed Car Wash
  • Offer to do 13 hours of chores for the week
  • Take $13 and turn it into $130 or $1300
  • Enter your city marathon or 5K and be sponsored
  • Host a fair-trade chocolate fondue party
  • Give each of your friends a change box and ask your friends to collect their coins for 13 days

Or any other variation that you may creatively think up.

We have also created some event packets below that will help you if you want to host ypur own event. Click the icons on the left to download the full PDF.

Fundraising Packaged Events

Who doesn't like chocolate, right?  Host a Fair Trade Chocolate Fondue Fundraiser to help raise awareness about the use of child labor in the chocolate industry and to raise funds to fight the trafficking problem.  Download >>


Fast'N'Free is a youth event designed to help your youth group to undertake a period of creative prayer and fasting, calling out to God for people impacted by slavery and human trafficking. It also incorporates specific points of action that will help us fight trafficking.  Download >>


27 Prayer Event - There are an estimate 27 million people in some form of slavery around the world today.  The '27 prayer event' gives you the tools to host an event for your community to pray for people involved in the many different aspects of trafficking.  Download >>


Link Up consists of a group of people and a relatively inexpensive item, such as a keychain, paperclip, or even a nice item you and/or your group is willing to part with. This item is then bartered or traded up for something better over and over, ending up with a better item than the one you began with. The final item is sold, and the proceeds are sent to us to help fight human trafficking.  Download >>