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53 communities - 11 countries:

In each context, we focus on marginalized communities, walking alongside them in a holistic manner.  Our connection to the Oasis Global family maintains cohesion between the different sites.  Our role is to help resource this work through donations, developing prayer networks, foundation grants, and sending staff to work with these countries. Oasis USA has helped send Jerry Johnson (working with Oasis Zimbabwe) and the Walker family (working with the Oasis team in Kyrgyzstan). Over the years we have partnered with Oasis Bangladesh, Uganda, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe and India to submit grants to U.S. based foundations. To get involved in our global work, you can donate (specify country or staff in the subject) or e-mail for more information.

  • India - India was the first overseas base to be set up by Oasis. Since that time the work in India has grown and now has projects running in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. These projects include working with people in disadvantaged communities to bring transformation and empowerment; working with people excluded from communities to bring them back into community and working with churches and other agencies to replicate the work. In the last several years Oasis India has facilitated freedom for over 300 victims of trafficking. Check out this video on their recent incredible work to bust a child trafficking ring.

Interested in getting involved? Donate to help the work of Oasis, and be sure to specify the country.