Human Trafficking is a topic appearing again and again in news headlines and social justice topics. Why has it only just become such a big deal when the crime has been growing steadily for years?

The goal at Oasis is to create awareness. An easy way for you to get involved with Human Trafficking is by doing just that! Spread the word: to your churches, schools, city officials, and local businesses. If we really do care, this is going to be one of the best places to start! Take the opportunity to volunteer at a local homeless shelter; build communities around people who otherwise don't have one.

Another great way is to mentor students who are younger than you. Find that person who sits by themself at lunch, the one who walks home from school alone. Start a small group with the middle school students at church. Basically, love on people! It isn't hard to go a minute out of your way to tell someone you care and that minute could be a turning point for them, you just never know.

Finally, send letters to your favorite stores and ask them if they use slaves to make their products. Tell companies you won't buy from them until they make a change, and then follow through! Encourage others to do the same. Check out to find out what stores you buy from use slaves.

It may be frustrating at first and for some it may be a complete life style change, but if you are serious about getting involved, this is a great place to start and trust me: it will be worth it!