The Freedom Bag Event was very well organized and exceeded my expectations! I was so enriched to have been able to help and to be a part of this amazing experience.

It impacted me on so many levels! After hearing incredibly heart-breaking stories from Curstin Taylor, our guest speaker from Saving Innocence, I was reminded yet again of the brokenness of this world and how so many people are painfully affected by the decisions of others to dehumanize and enslave them.

Not only was I able to directly hear about how filling these bags helps provide victims of Human Trafficking a fresh beginning and a chance for healing, but I was even more encouraged to talk with Curstin after the event ended.


In my own journey of discerning ways to fight human trafficking, I have always prayed for a tangible presence of God’s heart, as I step into extremely spiritually and psychologically dark places.  

I NEVER want to be complacent or callous to this horrendous evil.

Curstin said she has prayed similar prayers during her time working with these girls, but also shared with me how God has been recently “breaking her heart in deeper ways,” allowing her to experience even more the depth of God’s pain in the face of such darkness and evil.

This made me pause! What would it mean and what would it look like, for me to experience another level of heartache for the broken and vulnerable?

This is a challenging, stretching, and even an intimidating thought and prayer request. But if I truly seek God’s heart, asking for a deeper understanding of God’s relentless passion and for a greater movement toward the broken, perhaps I will be capable of serving others in even more ways than I can imagine?

However, I need to constantly hold in balance that this must be done with God’s strength, not mine, and through the power and grace of the Kingdom of God.

I encourage everyone to think about this.

Are there ways in which God is challenging you to dig deeper, reach farther, stretch higher, push harder…causing you to rely even more heavily upon God’s strength, grace, and understanding? This not only allows us to experience God in continually new ways, but also constantly reminds us of our need to trust God, knowing that it is God working in and through us that brings the shalom of the Kingdom onto earth and creates powerful change within our communities!