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Responding to Rescued Survivors

The comments from a local vice detective after giving a bag to a young girl who had been rescued from a human trafficking situation.

"We gave one out to a recovered juvenile who actually cried when she received it. I don’t think anyone had done anything nice for her in a long time and I just thought they should know that the bag made a big difference for this young lady.  Thanks again.,"

Survivors of human trafficking often escape with nothing.  Oasis and TraffickFree Communities provide Emergency Response Kits (Freedom Bags/Dignity Bags) to law enforcement officials, social workers or others who give the bags to victims exiting slavery.  These Freedom Bags are filled with basic necessities such as clothing, towels and personal hygiene items.  They may also include gift cards for fast food outlets that would enable the survivors to purchase adequate food and/or other items they may need.  Your business, school, faith community or family can help provide these items for a local TFC to distribute.

We see the Freedom Bags as part of a 3-step process:

Rescue - Helping girls/boys who have been rescued by police, NGO's, etc.

Renewal - Providing materials that assist the girls/boys as they journey through the intense renewal process.

Restoration - Items that would help the transition of restoration into a new life.

If you are local to the LA area, you can put together a Freedom Bag that we can distribute.  You can also sponsor a Freedom Bag financially that we will have our volunteers and staff distribute where most needed in one of our 10 countries around the world.

Donate a Freedom Bag ($30)

Here are some of the items that we include in the Freedom Bags (Emergency Kits):

Fleece throw

Journal & Pen





Hygiene Products

Laundry Soap




Shampoo/conditioner (travel size)

Playing cards



Sports Bras


Compact mirror


Brush/hair tie

Stress Ball

For more details on how to donate a Freeedom Bag or run a Freedom Bag community event, please contact us

We also accept gift cards for clothes and other items.