Current TFCs

Pomona, CA 

Pasadena, CA

San Gabriel, CA

Sierra Madre, CA

Los Angeles (downtown), CA

Broomfield, CO

A snapshot of the people we network and partner with are:

LA Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking), Riverside Task Force, Pasadena School District, New City Church, Pomona First Baptist, Hope Christian Fellowship, CB Fellowship, Fuller Seminary, Azusa Pacific, DayOne, PIHOP, California Against Slavery Act, International Institute

Other Traffick Free Community groups across the country are in the process of incubation.



At the moment all those active TFC’s are reaching out to their cities in a locally sensitive manner, some:-

  • Have supported local police forces with FREEDOM BAGS that are given to girls in the immediate aftermath of a rescue.
  • Have provided volunteers for mentoring life skills to young women who need help and support as they reintegrate back into community life. Several women have found that the grace and love found in the way of Jesus Christ has helped them find holistic freedom.
  •  Are advocating for those enslaved by lobbying local city governments about the human trafficking situation in their area.
  • Have helped develop law enforcement training for local Police departments.
  • Are teaching teenagers vulnerable to trafficking ways on how to protect themselves and their friends.
  • Are helping faith groups to support, pray for and strengthen the vulnerable in their communities.
  • Have partnered with organizations such as FairTrade Towns to develop a business culture of justice and integrity.
  • Have supported victims of human trafficking in finding places of safety
  • Are working to develop communities that are places of reintegration and support
  • Have joined together and prayed for a young trafficked girl and seen her found and rescued four days later.   
  • Have supported the global work of fighting trafficking and been part of the network that has helped hundreds of woman and children be rescued for abuse and slavery. Recently the Oasis team in India rescued over 81 women and children.

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