From Brussels comes some of the world’s finest chocolate.  Most people could never imagine that something so sweet could hold a truth so awful. The cocoa trade has long been plagued with slavery and child labor, and abolitionists in Europe are drawing a line and saying, “No more”.  To raise awareness of the miserable conditions endured by the workers, 15 Belgian and British students gathered with representatives of Oasis, Stop The Traffik and Oxfam in the European Parliament to discuss the issue with Members of the European Parliament (MEP). The meeting was hosted by London’s MEP’s, Mary Honeyball, and as assisted by British, Swedish and Belgian MEPs or their assistants.  Those present included Baroness Ludford, Marina Yannakoudakis and Frieda Brepoels. The British students from the Oasis Academy, Shirley Park in Croydon addressed the issue of trafficking and the London Olympic Games in 2012. As the discussion turned to children trafficked into cocoa production, Belgian students urged the MEPs to come up with legislation to prohibit the sales of chocolate produced with these methods. "While we are enjoying holidays, those 12,000 children are making long hours without being paid for our chocolate. This should not be possible." Other speakers present were: Niels Vandereyken (Oasis Belgium), Antonie Fountain (Stop the Traffick) and Marieke Poissonnier (Oxfam). The MEPs showed interest in working with these organizations and a follow-up meeting has been planned for the Fall.