Thanks to your efforts, both of our Senate Bills passed committee this week. Senate Bill 1165 now moves to the Senate appropriations committee, where it will be heard in as early as two weeks.

It's thanks to YOU meeting with the representatives on Lobby Day, as well as the many phone calls that were made before voting!

Senate Bill 1165, which would impose stricter penalties for sex buyers, passed the California Senate Public Safety Committee on Tuesday.

Daphne Phung, founder and executive director, California Against Slavery, which co-sponsored both bills, said she was pleased with the bipartisan support for SB 1165 and 1388. “Knowledge is power. SB 1165 will increase the chance for every child in California to be free from abuse and exploitation."

On Thursday, the Senate Education Committee voted to move Senate Bill 1388 forward. The bill aims to include sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education to the health education framework for California middle and high school students.

This is just the first hurdle. Make a call to your local appropriations committee member to show your support for SB 1165 and 1388.