Recently 3 people were arrested in Ohio for trafficking.  If you missed the story, you can read it here.

It is always interesting from our perspective to see what insights are gained from the events and this one is particularly helpful.  At the bottom of the article, the prosecutor makes a statement that basically sums up our TraffickFree Communites (TFCs)- learning to be better neighbors:

"We need your help in these efforts. Law enforcement cannot do it alone. All of us in the northern district of Ohio need to work on being better neighbors," he said. "We need to ask questions, hard questions, when we see something that doesn't look right. We need to not be afraid to pick up the phone and to call law enforcement. We need to not be afraid to ask those simple questions -- is everything OK? Is there some way I can help you? As Ohioans and as Americans, that is who we are, and it is our duty. "

Our TFCs are focused on teaching you to be better neighbors - to look for vulnerabilities in your own community and addressing them to law enforcement.  They can't do their job unless we as community members do ours.  Interested in starting/joining a TFC?  Learn more >>