This month, Oasis Bangladesh teamed up with Winrock International, a non-profit doing good all over the world, to build up staff capacity and share anti-trafficking education materials in Bangladesh.  Winrock organized a two-day workshop on Human Trafficking and Legal Framework which was held at Hotel Rigs Inn in Dhaka. In the workshop, 14 participants from 10 organizations attended, coming from the North Bengal and Dhaka Networks. The workshop consisted of discussion, role playing, videos and personal sharing and covered:

  1. Different forms of human trafficking - causes, consequences, definition, migration and trafficking nexus.
  2. Migration process
  3. Rights of migrants
  4. Legal Framework in Bangladesh - overseas policies and national law related to migration and human trafficking
  5. Complaint and referral mechanism for rehabilitation and repatriation
  6. Challenges in Rehabilitation

A test given out to the participants before the workshop showed that much of what was to be covered was new information.  Many of them did not even know where they could go to report abusive employers, or how the government could help in such situations.  The session concluded with participants developing a six-month Action Plan to educate more than 7500 people, including colleagues, school students, NGO forum members, community members, local government officials and others.

Winrock donated one set of educational materials and expressed interest in providing more.  They also plan to continue supporting anti-traffic workshops and events.