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Be Aware and Speak Up - The biggest threat to the traffickers is when people in that community learn what to look for and speak up about it. It is important first to note that this does not mean you take action against the traffickers. These are dangerous criminals and this job should be left to professional law enforcement professionals. But law enforcement rely on advocates like you to make them aware of things that just don't seem right in your communities - so speak up! The first way to do that is to be an advocate in your community through our unique TraffickFree COMMUNITY initiative.  Below are two others ways to advocate for laws and products that are just:

Help Make Better Laws & Change Current Business Practises

STOP THE TRAFFIK is the global advocacy arm of the Oasis family that helps elevate the importance of anti-trafficking by working in partnership with the United Nations, campaigning for just products & working practices and gathering intergrated international support.

Oasis is also involved with several coalitions in the USA consisting of hundreds of organizations that advocate our governments for more just laws.  For example, in many states prostitution victims are trafficked but the states don't allow for that discrepancy.  Additionally, many states don't have specific anti-trafficking legislation nor laws that require businesses to adhere to stricter labor policies.

In the U.S. we are part of the Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking (ATEST), which consists of many different organizations that sign on to help pass legislation in order to both protect victims, and prosecute perpetrators, of human trafficking.  We are currently working on two Congressional Bills that are crucial to creating better policies in the area of human traficking

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Fair Trade Chocolate

The problem with the chocolate industry is that many trafficked children are used on the farms.  There are two way to combat this.  First, buy slave-free (or fair trade) chocolate and second, become an advocate against the companies that haven't made commitments to fair trade chocolate yet.  Many of our Traffick-Free COMMUNITIES choose this as one of the issues to tackle in their neighborhoods by petitioning local stores to carry fair trade chocolate.  For more information about the ongoing slavery being perpetuated by the big global chocolate companies and the opportunities to make them change, visit STOP THE TRAFFIK &  Raise the Bar Hershey

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