This last weekend our community lit a candle for advent. This was the second candle to be illuminated. The first signified hope and the second, peace. 

At the event a prayer for peace was also spoken in a non local language.

This was simply to signify that peace is for all of us. For those people we know and for those people don’t. 

Peace is also something that Christmas is all about. After all, this is a time to celebrate the Prince of Peace being born into this world.  

Oasis works to help develop communities that are places of peace. This doesn’t mean communities that are devoid of pain, joy or sadness and where everything is nice, safe and OK. Thats more like the film “the Truman show”.

Places of peace are communities of people that work, support and travel together through the times of pain, joy and sadness. They are places were people support and empower each other to reach their God given potential. 

I thank God that through Oasis and the Oasis TraffickFree Communities we have a chance to tell the stories and be part of a movement that the Prince of Peace started so many years ago.

May this prayer from the weekend give you hope and peace during this advent season. 

Hollalluog Dduw, 

Almighty God,

dyro heddwch a ras inni a fwrw ymaith y gwaith o dwyll a drygioni,

give us peace and grace to cast away the works of darkness and evil, 

i rhoi arno arfwisg o olau a chariad, 

to put on the armor of light & love, 

i llenwi a ffrwyth dy deyrnas 

to be filled with the fruit of your kingdom 

ac i rannu yn rhydd y cariad a frwyth hwn gydag eraill.

and to freely share this love and fruit with others.

Gobaith iddo ddigwydd wrth i ni gerdded trwy daith bob dydd ein bywyd marwol,

May it occur as we walk through the daily journey of our mortal life, 

Fel y gallwn adlewyrchu gwirionedd Iesu 

So that we can reflect the reality of Jesus 

a ddaeth i ni mewn gostyngeiddrwydd;

who came to us in great humility; 

Ac felly ar y diwrnod olaf, pan fyddwn yn cwrdd â chi mewn rhyfeddod gogoneddus,

that on the last day, when we meet you in glorious wonder, 

Gallwn esgyn i fywyd anfarwol;

we may rise to immortal life; 

a bod gyda Iesu,

and be with Jesus, 

sy'n fyw ac yn cyfathrebu a thi a'r Ysbryd Glân,

who is alive and communes with you and the Holy Spirit

Un Duw, yn awr ac am byth. 

One God, now and for ever.