India Rescue 04/13 girl                 India raid bus view

As you know, Oasis US does not only do anti-trafficking work in the US -  we also help resource the work of Oasis globally.  We just wanted to share an incredible update from Oasis India below:

Just last week our team rescued 81 people from trafficking (video here featuring the rescue). We had information about the trafficking of some girls and had been closely following this information. Last Friday we heard from our informer that the recruiters had come to a small village and were recruiting really young girls for jobs in the cotton industry in another region. The recruiters were transporting all the girls on Monday so we returned and made a rescue plan with the police. On Monday one team planned to wait at a local train station for the girls, while another team went to the village to keep us informed. The whole operation was masterminded by Oasis along with the police from outside the region, as we felt the local police could be involved in the trafficking.  At around 4 pm we learned that the traffickers were planning to take everyone by road instead of train. We had to think quickly and by God's grace we managed to put a trace on the vehicles. We raced to the state border and in a very dramatic chase managed to intercept both vehicles and rescue 81 people including women, and 31 minors (boys and girls)! 

Anita Kanaiya, Executive Director, Oasis India

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