Today the FBI released the results of a recent cross country anti-trafficking raid.  168 children were rescued, and 281 traffickers were arrested....and yes, that's in the U.S.  In LA County alone, 10 victims were rescued and 12 traffickers arrested.

We were contacted prior to the raid by a close partner organization, Saving Innocence,  to help provide Freedom Bags for the survivors.  Our TraffickFree Communities worked hard and fast and TraffickFree Pomona was able to deliver 40 of them (pictured here being delivered to the FBI) - and we know at least 10 were given out locally!  What incredible news!

Saving Innocence staff report back to us saying, "Once again thank you SO SO SO much for your quick response and your amazing TraffickFree Communities. We could not do it without you and your teams!".  We are honored to work with these front line case workers and play a small part in caring for these rescued children.

Interested in helping put together a Freedom Bag, or donating for our volunteers to put one together?  Check this out>>